Date: Fri, 29-Nov-19

Angular multi-layer using lazy loading feature module

Angular always render all component during first component is loading. It slows the process. We need a way that will render only that part of component which I am visiting now. We can do it using lazy loading feature modules. On the other hand, sometimes we need two different layouts to show different design patterns […]

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Django tutorial-1: Introduction.

Django is a web application development framework based on the python programming language. It follows the MVT(Model view template) architecture patterns. Django creates a virtual server to run and it has a built-in sqlite3 database. It is also used to develop the API endpoint for different SPA applications like Angular, ReactJS, etc. It is easy […]

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Angular Reactive Form With Validation.

Reactive form is a model-driven approach for data handling. It’s an explicit and immutable process that changes the state of each input change. The angular reactive form is working in two layers. First of all, it creates a model in the working component ts. then the model is elicited in regarding HTML with control name. […]

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