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Django Rest API using Django REST Framework- Authentication

Authentication is one of the major parts of any application either it is web or desktop. In this tutorial, we are going to learn Authentication using Django REST Framework. We can authenticate in two way:1. Using Django REST Framework’s built-in authentication2. Using Rest-auth module Let’s start with the built-in authentication process. In this process, first […]

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Django tutorial-1: Introduction.

Django is a web application development framework based on the python programming language. It follows the MVT(Model view template) architecture patterns. Django creates a virtual server to run and it has a built-in sqlite3 database. It is also used to develop the API endpoint for different SPA applications like Angular, ReactJS, etc. It is easy […]

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Django crispy form

Sometimes we need to add bootstrap or any other library class to create responsive and well-designed form. We can do it using Django-crispy form. Here I add the steps to create a responsive form using the crispy form and Bootstrap 4. Step1: Install the crispy form using the following command. Step2: Open the file from […]

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