Django tutorial-1: Introduction.

Django is a web application development framework based on the python programming language. It follows the MVT(Model view template) architecture patterns.

Django creates a virtual server to run and it has a built-in sqlite3 database. It is also used to develop the API endpoint for different SPA applications like Angular, ReactJS, etc. It is easy to learn, robust and scalable to server. Now let’s start to install the Django on our computer. Before installing the Django, we need to install Python first.

Visit the Python website, download python 3.6+ or 2.7+ and install the downloaded executable file.

Then open the Terminal or command prompt and execute the following command to install Django.

pip install Django

Now Django is installed in our machine. Let’s start a project in Django. Open the command prompt or terminal in a folder or directory where you want to start the Django web application project and execute the following command.

django-admin startproject project_name

Here replace the project_name with your own project name.


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